"Life is real, life is earnest, and goal is but the grave" said one poet. But Earl Willis begs to differ with that last part. While fully accepting the "standard" empirical view of physics, he offers a logical metaphysical alternative to the Copenhagen Interpretation, and claims that it allows the serious consideration that Evolution might have a real, physical, and feasible purpose (enhanced survival); one that any rationally conscious individual can endorse and so give meaning to his life through his or her personal contributions to progress toward that goal. But Willis warns that our "window" of opportunity is quite narrow. Arguing literally from physics to politics, he proposes that our political and economic systems must be rationally organized to promote the "positive-sum" cooperation that can make available the energy needed to reach higher levels of physical existence. However, his bottom-upwards view leads to some decidedly unconventional proposals as to how we might practically move toward those ideals.