Cooperating for Enhanced Survival In the Twenty-First Century


In Cooperating for Survival in the Positive-Sum Universe, Earl Willis proposed that the universe is actually causal and positive sum.  This stance doesn’t mesh with current scientific theories, but he argues we need to look at the universe in a new way. In this companion to his first book, Willis elaborates on his theory that the universe is real, rational, and causal, and under that basis he proposes the theory of contropy.  This theory builds upon Darwin’s theory of evolution and further describes the evolutionary process to offer a new view of the world. It provides a simpler and more accurate description of reality than prevailing views.  Willis argues that his theory explains the dichotomy of perspectives between many reasonable, intelligent people regarding political, economic, and even religious issues. These differences all hinge on whether someone’s fundamental point of view is individualistic or collectivist.  Get ready to explore the philosophical, political, and economic implications of the theory of contropy, and find out how we can work toward a more positive future by Cooperating for Enhanced Survival in the Twenty-First Century.


Cooperating for Survival In the Positive-Sum Universe

This book proposes that the Standard Cosmological Model can be greatly simplified and improved by the expedient of postulating a form of absolute "Causality". This is to say that, even when the cause cannot be determined by direct observation, it must be inferred that the driving force for any action was applied through some physical means.